Scissor Seven - Cike Wu Liuqi
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Scissor Seven

Cike Wu Liuqi, Cike Wuliuqi, Ci Ke Wu Liu Qi, Assassin Seven, Killer Seven, 刺客伍六七
/ 2018

Plot Summary:

To the casual eye, the amnesiac bounty hunter Wu Liuqi looks quite intimidating. together with his deadly telekinetic scissor techniques and his ability to seamlessly transform into anything, one wouldn’t expect his modest demeanor. In fact, Wu is sort of terrible at his job. Often times the freelancer are often found botching an assassination or targeting the incorrect person. While his failures might be thanks to his subpar skills, it always boils right down to him being a traditional kid, with a heart unsuited for his line of labor .

Accompanied by his feathered friend Dai Bo, Wu is on an easy quest to regain his memories. Although his inconspicuous day job as a hairdresser and his after-hours occupation are simply a way for him to repay debt, his various ventures seem to intertwine together with his pursuit to recover his lost past.

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