Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee - Tegamibachi

Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee

Tegamibachi, テガミバチ
/ Fall 2009 Anime

Plot Summary:

In Amberground, the land of eternal twilight, Letter Bees and their dingos – creatures trained to guard them – deliver mail to the overall populace. However, unlike normal mail carriers, their job is perilous as they need to traverse the country while fighting off the enormous armored insects referred to as Gaichuu. One day, a Letter Bee named Gauche collects his latest delivery: a young boy named Lag Seeing, whose mother was taken under mysterious circumstances to the capital of Akatsuki. because the pair travels together, they strike up a friendship, but once they finally reach their destination Lag and Gauche part ways. Now, several years later, Lag is close to take the exam to become a Letter Bee himself in order that he can meet with Gauche again and determine what really happened to his mother all those years ago. But before any of that, he must find himself a dingo…

Episode List: